These accessories all come standard with your Coolest Cooler. Want more? Here they are!

Pitcher $29.99

We’re sure you make a killer Margarita but someone at the party is bound to want something different. An extra pitcher would come in handy. Maybe two? That way you don’t have different flavors co-mingling in the same pitcher because that’s just not right.

Cutting Board / Divider $24.99

Knife? Cutting board! It just makes sense. And our cutting board is an overachiever: it doubles as a divider.  This way, you can keep your cold beer separate from your soda, or your soda from your ice, or your ice from your fruit and garnishes. It’s your divider, do what you want with it.

Charging Station $34.99

A battery without a charge is like, well, it’s basically an ugly paperweight. We much prefer it charged and ready to power the Coolest’s built-in blender, the way nature intended. An extra charging station ensures the drinks keep flowing and the party keeps going.

SET OF 4 PLATES $13.99

Just because the party’s raging doesn’t mean you should eat like animals. Sturdy, plastic plates —available in blue, orange and green—lend any soiree that certain dash of elegance, you know, to balance out all the belly shots. 


Yeah, we know we talked about these things already but here’s a deal to get both at a great price. Trust us: at some point someone’s going to use a plate for a Frisbee and then you’re down one plate. The pitcher? Go up three paragraphs. Read that again.  

KNIFE $14.99

A piece of pineapple or lime on the rim of a glass, it just looks … fancy! Well, you don’t get to be fancy unless you have a good, reliably sharp knife. Like, ours. Or, maybe you don’t want to be fancy?


Know what wine drinkers hate (other than beer drinker’s, of course)? When their host forgets the corkscrew. Which is why it’s always a good idea to toss an extra one into your Coolest, that way you’re covered.