Some folks have been wondering how the production quality is holding up, and I’m proud to say all the energy and time we spent testing and abusing the Coolest appears to be paying off!

We strive for 100% perfection all the time, but whenever something gets manufactured there will be some (hopefully small) number of defects that escape the factory.  These can be simple things like the wrong color knife was put in Coolest, or the drain plug wasn’t quite tightened all the way.

They can also be bigger issues like one of the battery cells had too high of an internal resistance, which basically means that it can’t be charged or used to power the Coolest.

The process for trouble shooting these issues is terrifying, mostly because when a person opens up their Coolest and discovers something isn’t quite right, we initially don’t know if it’s a sporadic problem affecting just a few units, or an endemic issue that somehow made it past all our Q&A process.  The big scare is that even if we address an issue the very next day within the factory, we already have three weeks of inventory making it’s way across the water.

Luckily we’ve only had a few sporadic issues, and even those have been relatively easy fixes.  So far our defect rate is about 1.5% with significant room for improvement in the next few weeks.

When we point out something to the factory, like how a small clip used to secure the drive pulley is occasionally misaligned which causes the motor to spin but not the blender drive shaft, they fix it.  In this case we had a solution in place within 48 hours and it’s now part of the line inspection process.

Unfortunately we have to wait for the new and improved solution to make it through the shipping process.

Here’s the breakdown as we’ve seen it so far, and what we’ve done:

  • .79% Battery/Charger (Increased testing before leaving battery factory and again on the production line)
  • .25% Blender Pulley: (Added spacer and visual inspection in the line)
  • .08% Speaker: (Shared with speaker manufacturer to improve)
  • .06% Wheels: (Looks like some of the early units the cap nut that holds the wheels on wasn’t firmly seated. Shared with the factory to improve)
  • .08% Loose drain plug: (Spot checks upon receiving Coolest body)
  • <.01% Crushed by Semi (Mourned it’s passing by pouring a little of our Vodkarita on the ground)

If you are lucky enough to have already had your Coolest delivered, but unlucky enough to have a unit with one of these issues, please just shoot us an email to and we’ll make you whole.

…Also, don’t leave your Coolest behind a semi as we haven’t come up with a fix for that yet.