[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Late last year we were really excited to share the news when we upgraded the Coolest Cooler Battery from a built–in NiMH battery to a removable/rechargeable Lithium pack. Over the last seven months, we’ve gone through Costco cases of booze, plus built a Mechanical Margarita test-rig to nail down which battery could best deliver the needed power to our monster blender motor. In the end, we were completely confident we had found the right battery combination from the best cell manufacturer to do the job.

That is – until now. We still believe the battery we chose can do the job; however, we discovered an issue. The blender is so powerful at quickly crushing ice that for a few microseconds it draws more current than the battery is officially rated to deliver.

SO we had two choices. (A) – give you a battery pack with the cells we’ve tested and possibly risk a future problem if we missed something…

Or (B), continue our Coolest tradition of “When in doubt, make it better.” We chose Option B.

The new cells that are going in the Coolest battery packs still utilize the same Lithium chemistry, they’re just slightly bigger in size. These are 22mm diameter rather than the 18mm earlier cells, but luckily they still fit in our battery housing.

We’ve tested these cell types before and found they work great, but because they are used less often and have significantly higher current capacity they are more expensive. We didn’t move forward with them originally because the other cells worked great as well.

We’re making this late change of plans to make sure the Coolest Cooler will exceed your (and our) expectation for the long haul.

And, hey, if everyone ends up getting an extra pitcher or two of blended Vodkaritas per charge, that’s not such a bad side effect, is it?

Big Picture: Production still on schedule
Most of you understand that the incredible demand for the Coolest Cooler far exceeded our wildest dreams. Thank you all again for that!! We’re still on track and on schedule to make that dream a Coolest reality this year, with production and shipping commencing in July.

Once we have all your surveys completed TONIGHT we’ll begin working with our logistics and fulfillment team, a slide ruler, and a Magic 8 Ball to narrow down the actual shipping order. Because we can’t ship the Very First Coolest to everyone, we really appreciate your excitement and patience as we work through the process.

One last thing: we still have a few Kickstarter backers who still have not yet completed the backer survey – TODAY IS THE DEADLINE! If you haven’t completed it, don’t worry, you will still get your Coolest Cooler, but shipping will be sorted out in the second scheduling.

Every backer needs to complete the survey we sent out, otherwise we won’t know what color you want and where to ship your cooler. If you somehow missed the last half dozen updates, just take a moment to fill it out TODAY.