We knew the Coolest was designed and engineered to take a lot of abuse, but we had not imagined that one day, the Coolest would be helpful in the event of a car crash!  We are so happy to hear that the Barry family in Florida are all doing well after a nasty rear end car crash this past weekend.  Check out this email from them describing what happened: “Last Saturday we were rear ended while stopped at a red light in Jacksonville, Florida. What was supposed to have been a day at the beach kayaking and picnicing ended abruptly less than a mile from our home. We had 7 people in the van (2 adults and 5 children). Impact and the minutes that followed were the scariest of my life. The vehicle that hit us was traveling about 45 mph and did not even touch the brakes. Just plowed right into the back of us. Screaming kids, shattered glass everywhere and pure chaos. Seeing all of the kids alert and moving was such a relief.

Our minivan is totaled. 🙁 We could not open the back hatch until days later at the tow yard. Look at our Coolest Cooler!!! It appears to have absorbed some of the impact possibly helping protect our three children in the back row. We were one of the original Coolest Cooler Kickstarter Backers. Lifelong Coolest Cooler Fans!”

We are so proud that the Coolest was able to bear some of the brunt of the impact and are just relieved to hear that everyone is safe and well!  Whether you have longstanding travel plans, a last minute road trip in mind, or are just heading to the beach this summer, we want to remind everyone to drive safely and enjoy the trip. Safe travels everyone.