The Primary Tooling stage is DONE! Now it’s time to take all the pieces and all the parts and fine-tune fit and adjust them for function during the Engineering Prototype (EP) Build.

I’m sitting at the Seattle airport preparing to fly overseas, joined by our production manager and one of our top engineers. Starting this Thursday, we’ll be embedded in the factory to work through the EP1 Build and make sure every piece meets our Coolest expectations.

This means we’ll be assisting and evaluating the assembly of the very first fully-foamed, fully-complete Coolest Coolers to roll off the line. We’ll also meet with several of our specialty suppliers to confirm final details like packaging, color matching, safety certifications… even running tests to determine the perfect ‘hardness’ rating for the rubber on the extra-wide Coolest tires.

I’ll be sharing more updates (and pictures) than usual over the next two weeks or so, and – if all goes well – we’ll be bringing home several units designated for our version of Hell Week of cooler abuse testing.

We’re all looking forward to the trip and the continuing adventure. Stay tuned, and I’ll keep you posted!