This is one of the Engineering Prototype (EP) sample units en route to Coolest HQ right now. We’ll be receiving one sample in each color here next week so we can start our insulation tests and show off how amazing the wheels turned out. Anyone clamoring for a single yellow lid color option?? (seriously folks – this lid is just for testing, no yellow lids planned….)

We’d planned to show you some new pictures of the Coolest Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers, along with first-hand feedback of how great they sound, but we hit a minor snag.

It turns out that the entire cargo plane carrying a dozen of our speaker samples was randomly selected for a full Customs inspection. This means that rather than spot-checking just a few items per shipment, each and every parcel on the plane gets opened and given the once-over. We shipped those speaker samples over two weeks ago, so I guess we’ll see them when we see them. Meanwhile, we’re taking steps to get alternate samples shipped with the hope they’ll have better luck.

On a happier shipping note — we have three completed EP units heading to Coolest HQ right now on a separate plane, another three units off to our engineering team for more abuse testing around the blender, and one more Coolest unit on its way to the certification lab. The first certification test is an FCC pre-scan test, which basically certifies that during its operation the Coolest doesn’t generate significant electrical noise that could cause frequency interference.

We’re planning another update about certifications at some point, but right now I don’t have enough letters on my keyboard to list them all.

Battery and charger are coming along nicely. We did some testing of the battery while I was overseas and they performed exactly as expected. That’s good news because right now the biggest risk to our schedule comes down not to manufacturing, but to the certification process of the battery and charger. Both the battery factory and our certification lab have a broad depth of experience, and that’s exactly what we need.

Just to be clear — we are still on schedule for July. The goal with these production updates is to share both the challenges we face and the problems we solve, along with any upcoming issues we’re sweating now so they don’t become surprises later on.

And thanks again for all the feedback around an air shipping option. Looks like we’ll have something to share on that front here soon!

– Ryan