Continued frenzies of activity around all things Coolest as we are nearing the home stretch. In fact, I’m back in China preparing for the start of FEP (Final Engineering Pilot) review next week while the rest of the team focuses on checking off all those little unsexy boxes that need to get done one way or another.

Nobody wants to read an entire post (and I don’t want to write one) about the legal warnings required for the Coolest User Guide or the saga of labeling compliance, but I tell you it’s shocking how much effort is required to get it right. Here’s a snippet:

Bluetooth speaker certifications:
FCC to verify no interference with other frequencies
BQB for qualification to use Bluetooth®
RoHS for restriction of Hazardous Substances (lithium batteries)
REACH ensures RoHS compliance for Europe
IP54 for water resistance testing
ESD to measure Electro Static Discharge
IC for FCC compliance in Canada (basically)
RMC for FCC for Australia (basically)
CE also related to FCC for Australia (basically)

… And that’s just for the SPEAKER! Then there’s the required marking, testings, labels and certifications for the blender, the lithium-ion battery, the charger and the entire Coolest as a whole.

On a more exciting note, we finally got our early shipment of Coolest Speakers after a one-month hold in customs and I tell you they are worth the wait. They look and sound amazing! We’ve passed out a dozen or so samples to trusted volunteers with a history of rocking out so they can put them through the paces.

Early next week we get to see the finished battery and charger, then they get shipped off asap for their special certification testing. For the FEP we’ll be assembling all Coolest parts, signing off on the fit and function off everything, then making around 50 units for a last round of abuse testing while everything is set up to ramp into full production.

Check out the latest pictures of the latest parts under review, including the extra-large drain plug, the 3/8” stainless axle, the ceramic knifes and flip-up holder, and the long awaited chromed logo.

Looking good!