We know a lot of our Kickstarter backers are frustrated and we want to apologize for the delay in getting out the Coolest coolers as early as we had hoped. We are incredibly thankful for our supporters and would never have been able to create the Coolest without them. We will be getting every remaining backer their cooler reward and are truly sorry that it is taking far longer than we anticipated.

When you do a Kickstarter campaign, you plan for success and we did a great deal of research before launching. However, we are a small business with a small team and have been challenged by unforeseen logistical issues that created this delay. These issues included the overwhelming demand for our product, compounded by technological challenges with our order management system and a strike at the battery motor manufacturer. We are working quickly to resolve these issues and have already begun shipping product as we’re able.

The idea of Kickstarter is to support creatives and entrepreneurs and make their ideas a reality (if you’re curious, you can read more about this here (http://kck.st/1u8T9Fo). Backers made the Coolest cooler a reality – the reviews on the product have been extremely positive. It is taking much longer than anticipated to manufacture and ship and we are working quickly to make improvements. Our current timeline is to have all backer cooler rewards shipped out by Spring 2016.

We also know that many of you are frustrated that the coolers are available on Amazon Launchpad. This was not at all the timing we intended. We committed to Amazon this summer and had an obligation for delivery to them before the production issues arose. We realize the delay in the reward coolers is incredibly frustrating, but rest assured our backers will still be receiving their coolers in return for an investment that is far below the retail purchase price.

Again, we wouldn’t be here without our backers and we are so grateful for their support. On behalf of the whole team here at Coolest, we are very sorry for the frustration this has caused.  Please do reach out to us at . We will also be posting frequent progress both here and on the Countdown blog to keep everyone updated.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work through this.