While FEP may actually stand for Final Engineering Pilot, it might just as well stand for Finish Everything, People.  

These last three weeks have been a whirlwind as every element for each little detail needed to ship a product gets a final review and gets locked down for good. Some of these reviews are part-focused and involve minor tooling changes to improve fit and function – like making sure each edge of every part lines up precisely with its neighbor, tightening up the drain plug or adjusting the tensioning process for the drive belt.

Other reviews are for verification, meaning literally signing each part to confirm the color, texture and finish is what we’re after so that part can be locked down and the tool sent to apply the final surface of the mold.

There’s also logistical pieces in motion, involving sorting out how extra batteries and speakers will arrive and get packed with the Coolest, units and sizes of each master pack, and confirming that each part needed for production will actually show up when it’s needed this month.

And then there’s all the little details we’ve been tweaking for months but are finally due, including the labeling and decals for each component, certification markings, FCC testing, inner and outer packaging, user guides and quick start guides and cocktail guides… whew!

All the effort we’ve put in over the last 10 months is FINALLY coming together, and here’s the great news…  

The Coolest Cooler looks better, sounds better and works better than I could have ever imagined!

We are STILL on track to ship Coolest Coolers this month, and if you don’t have one ordered yet make sure to sign up for the waitlist as there’s an exciting email coming out in just a couple of days.  😉

Check out the video above of the FIRST Vodkarita made on the FEP Coolest Cooler!  We have three other units that arrived in Portland last weekend for some real-world use tests and, man – what fun!  

I’m so grateful to each of you for all your support and encouragement, and it’s truly been a joy working with such an amazing team to bring the Coolest to life.

I’m headed back to the factory this next week for a final approval of part tweaks and textures, then it’s almost time to hit the big green ‘GO’ button at the factory.  Giddyup!!