So far so good!

Over the last month we’ve been actively seeking new motors since the first motor factory went on strike.  We need something that’s powerful enough to crush ice like Chuck Norris versus an iceberg, yet built with the highest standard of quality to be allowed in a Coolest Cooler.  I’m happy to share that in the last couple of weeks we’ve made some great progress!

Any new motor first needs to perform the challenging task of blending a perfect blended cocktail, and only if that test passes do we move to the next step of our extended life test/abuse test.  This is a process we’re putting all motor candidates through to make sure they can stand up to a long life of Coolest blending.  This involves taking 8-10 motors, installing them in a Coolest lid, and then blending pitcher after pitcher of our Abuse Recipe with very little time to rest in between.  Only if every single motor can successfully blend 384 pitchers without failure or fuss, AND THEN DO THAT AGAIN, will we deem this motor Coolest-worthy.

Resurrection:  A few weeks ago the first motor (Motor B) that passed the blending test unfortunately died when put through our high-stress extended life test.  Well, the good news is that after performing an autopsy we discovered the that the failure wasn’t necessarily with the motor, but rather the glue that was used wasn’t rated for the high temperatures involved in our torture test.  Since then the manufacturer produced new samples with high-temperature rated glue and we started the torture test agin.  So far it’s gone through over 200 pitchers and is performing like a champ.

This is great news because this motor did a fantastic job blending, and all the technical specs like torque, RPM and current draw VERY closely matched our original motor.  

Upstart:  A second motor (Motor C) has also come along and successfully passed our blending tests.  This motor is from a factory with a great reputation for precision and is well known in the DC motor world if you follow such things.  It’s started the extended life testing process as well, and while it doesn’t have as many blends under it’s belt yet, so far so good.

Rumor:  We have also been hearing rumors that the factory strike may have ended and full scale production will be resuming, but to be clear this is only a rumor at this point.

Hopefully we can confirm a new Coolest motor along with a production start-up date soon!  Thanks for reading.