Will the Coolest wheels and handles hold up and perform at the level we expect them to? Let’s test it and find out.

Step one: Fill the Coolest with around 60lb of plastic pellets.

Step two, three and four: Raise and lower it 5,000 times, pull it over 20 miles of bumps, then hang it from the telescoping handle and lift/drop it 500 times.

Step five: Pass, pass and pass!

The Coolest telescoping handle is made from an extra-thick anodized aluminum tubing by one of the most reliable handle makers around. I toured their facilities during our last trip and was seriously impressed with how they control quality every step of the way – starting with their own smelted aluminum and ending with a polished, perfect finished product.

The Coolest Wheels really haven’t been shown off as much as they deserve to be, and this week’s pics correct that shortcoming. You knew they would be wide and tough, but here are some of the first shots of the rubber outer tire. This means your Coolest will roll easily over the roughest rocky trail, or silently across your hardwood floors from the kitchen to your car.

And FINALLY, the first three Coolest EP units showed up to our Portland HQ this week. Extra testing and abuse to be dished out in the coming month so stay tuned!